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Edgy and HIGH Fashion, this shape is sure to draw attention to the wearer and is the ultimate statement for making the literal "point". Stiletto Nails elongate the fingers and are for the confident client who isn't afraid to turn a few heads.  There is an additional charge for all stiletto nails as they require additional time to create.

Ballerina or Coffin

This shape elongates the look of the fingers and hands. The sidewalls are more narrow and give less design space but the overall elegance of this shape more than compensates,  This shape is also time consuming and an additional charge is required.


The Oval Shape is flattering to nearly every shape of hand and fingers. The sidewalls provide strength while the gentle shaping makes for an elegant appearance.


The slightly rounded corners on the square shape provide the most sturdy foundation without any harsh edges to snag. This shape also provides a big base to accommodate designs. The drawback to this shape is that is will make short fingers or heavy hands look even more so. It is best suited to the younger client with long, thin hands and fingers.

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