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Kaitlin Jeanette Smith was selected as a Noteworthy Entry for NAILS Magazine

Annual Cover Contest  (January 2016 p. 118).  This is the third year in a row that her

work has been featured in the Cover Contest having also been published in 2014 and

2015. At just 22 years old, this is her 10th time in National Publications.  Kaitlin was

chosen from an elite group of Professionals Nail Artists from around the World. Her

"Truly Turquoise" Nails showcased in the magazine were made on a Gelish® base

utilizing a special technique to create the effect of a real gemstone.  The same

technique was also used on the bracelet shown in the photograph.

Kaitlin both painted and modeled all of the nails shown in publication which requires

ambidextrous hand skills. Unlike many of the entrants; Kaitlin does not have a

corporate sponsor but rather works independently and chooses products according

to what best actualizes her creative design process. She graduated as a

Managing Manicurist in 2011. Kaitlin's Hand Painting Skills were Self-Taught.

 Photos by Angelsun Photos (Kelly Lynn Smith).

Kaitlin's Designer Nail Spa ~ Turning Vision into Reality EVERY Day!

Kaitlin is a Licensed Managing Manicurist, Manicurist Instructor and the owner of

Kaitlin's Designer Nail Spa (Licensed Facility)

by appointment only text 330 357 9753

 ALL photos shown on this website are of the actual work done at Kaitlin’s Designer Nail Spa.